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  • 2012 — Antennas for LTE-A: above 350 Mbit/s and 150 GB/month per customer
  • 2011 — Successful antenna field trials with one CDMA-850 operator in India
  • 2011 — Successful antenna field trials with two GSM-1800 operators in India
  • 2011 — Designed a family of Super Efficient Tower™ configurations (η = 78%)
  • 2011 — Tested sites with 6 sectors and 15–20 times larger coverage areas
  • 2010 — Successful antenna field trials with a GSM-960 operator in India
  • 2010 — Two GSM-900/1800 sites successfully type tested in the U.S.
  • 2009 — Licensing agreement with a components vendor in the EU
  • 2008 — Licensing agreement with an antenna vendor in the U.S.


Radiosystem Sweden AB

Radio Innovation Sweden AB is a private stock company founded by Mr. Torbjörn Johnson in 2002 with a head office in Kista, the Swedish “Wireless Valley”. The company specializes in research and deve­lop­ment, design, marketing, and sales of Super Antenna Systems™ for mobile cellular network operators and tower owners. RI's solu­tions family is based on 17 years of R&D. RI works with selected licensed partners and contrac­tors, out­sourcing 100% of all manufacturing and installation. RI staff and partners have rich experience in design and manufac­turing of several generations of BTSs, hundreds of unique components, filters, phased-array antennas, feeder systems, as well as in system design and marketing of cellular systems worldwide.

Vision and goals

RI aims to facilitate wireless cellular coverage everywhere and for everybody, with the highest data rates and excellent service quality. RI designs unique and best-performing Super Antenna Systems and future-proof site solutions that revolutionize site performance and cost-efficiency in the global cellular industry. RI's antennas are robust, 100% passive, software-free (no signal processing), modular, energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly.

RI shall be a pioneer in introducing its unique coverage-increasing and capacity-multiplying Super Antenna Systems™ in the frequency range of 380–3800 MHz for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular systems. RI helps network operators and tower owners to achieve technoeconomic excellence in greenfield and mature cellular networks by offering multi-modulation, multi-band, and multi-operator ecological site hotels. RI shall leverage its know-how to enable 10–40 times larger coverage areas per site, 2–4 times higher spectral efficiency, and 70–90% lower OPEX per minute of use or megabyte of data in comparison to traditional sites.

RI and its partners shall deliver antennas and site solutions that are better than competition in all possible benchmarking aspects, delivering the best value to operators and tower owners.


Torbjörn Johnson, founder of Radio Innovation Sweden AB

Torbjörn Johnson is the founder and president of Radio Innovation Sweden AB. Mr. Johnson has more than 35 years of world-leading experience in the cellular industry. He founded four radio companies, designed and commercialized more than 350 hardware radio modules for TV broadcasting and cellular telephony, delivered nine generations of BTSs for NMT-450/900 and GSM-900. Recognized as a pioneer of cellular mobile telephony, Mr. Johnson developed several generations of phased-array antennas with improved coverage and traffic capacity, created a miniature pocket phone for NMT-450 with record-low energy consumption, and has been granted twenty five patents in the field of cellular radio communications.

Mr. Johnson began his career with Swedish Post and Telecom Agency where he developed radio and TV transmitters. Mr. Johnson joined Magnetic AB in 1964 to develop solid-state TV transmitters, UHF transposers, and the first generation of BTS equipment for NMT-450: duplex filters, combiners, and multicouplers. In 1978, Torbjörn Johnson founded Radiosystem Sweden AB to develop base station equipment for NMT-450/900. Radiosystem became a world-leading designer and supplier of base stations, selling its systems all over the world and licensing the technology to Ericsson, Nokia, and Philips. In 1988, Radiosystem, a public company by then, was acquired by L. M. Ericsson for 84 million USD and renamed Ericsson Radio Access AB. Torbjörn Johnson spent five years as technical director for radio access systems at Ericsson.

During 1995–2002, Torbjörn Johnson founded two new companies. Radio Design AB was established to continue fundamental research in NMT-450 phased-array antennas, handsets, duplex filters, and multicouplers. Radio Components Sweden AB developed the first generation of Super Antenna Systems and amplifiers for GSM-1800.


RI's business partners and contractors are organized via a Super Antenna System Consortium (SAS Consortium). Members of the SAS Consortium include properly qualified companies that have entered into a licensing or cooperation agreement with RI.

SAS Consortium

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