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Super Site Hotel™

Hosting up to 10 operators per site hotel, open 24/7

Concrete tower

For shared infrastructure, RI offers Super Site Hotels that can host up to 10 wireless services or operators per site with equal QoS and coverage areas. Recommended to use with Super Efficient Towers or strong existing towers (see the one shown to the right), SSH can support more than 20 configurations of Super Antenna Systems.

The SSH solution reduces overlap in mature networks and is ideal for entry into new markets where any single operator would struggle to achieve profitability with its own towers. Every Super Site Hotel can be optimized for rural areas where customer density is low and ARPU is much smaller than in cities.

Business models for tower owners

Deployed with selected global operators, SSH can provide incredible economies of scale and efficiency gains. Serving 10–40 times larger areas, one SSH site can replace up to 20 regular sites, with more capacity as each SSH site can support up to 720 transceivers (see Doc 336). Typically, 4800 Erlang (full-rate) or 80 000 customers can be served from each SSH tower. In comparison to standard shared sites that are planned for 1–2 operators with 18–27 low-gain antennas, Super Site Hotels support 1–10 wireless services with 180–360 “antenna rooms”.

Under-served and un-served areas can become new growth markets for cellular broadband, expanding business horizons for network operators beyond the limits of standard sharing of passive or active infrastructure. Tower companies can change their assets into multi-operator high-tenancy money machines (see Doc 323A). Regulators can promote broadband access without harming investment, solving right-of-way, aesthetic, and CO2 emission issues. Traffic can cost less than 1 USD per 30 GB of data (see Doc 326A), a reduction of twenty times!

Sample profit and loss statement

The cost per minute of use is reduced to 0.075 US cents. Turn-key site CAPEX per TRX is cut from 5925 USD (for standard shared sites with 54 TRXs) down to 1660 USD per TRX (i.e. 3.5 times) using Super Site Hotels with 720 TRXs and Super Antenna Systems. Operational costs (OPEX per MoU) are down 6 times while ROI increases 3–5 times. With green power sources (solar and wind), electricity for SSH costs only 0.20 USD/kWh — instead of 0.60 USD/kWh for standard sites. SSH sites are highly profitable even with a single tenant. For more examples of how a tower company can benefit from SSH, please see Doc 115 that demonstrates financial improvements in relation to several well-known standard tower companies.

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