With 35 years of pio­nee­ring ex­pe­rien­ce in the cel­lu­lar in­dust­ry, Ra­dio In­no­va­tion Swe­den AB is the com­pany be­hind Su­per An­ten­na Sys­tems™ that save 70–90% of tra­di­tio­nal costs of cel­lu­lar ra­dio access net­works. Listening to cus­to­mers by 256 dipoles per sector ins­tead of on­ly 8 in stan­dard an­ten­nas, our so­lu­tions ena­ble a pro­fi­ta­ble re­vo­lu­tion in BTS co­ve­ra­ge, ca­pa­ci­ty, QoS, and ave­rage da­ta ra­tes. Star­ting at just 20 000 USD per si­te, stan­dard tow­ers and macro si­tes can be up­gra­ded to Su­per Macro™, fea­tu­ring 5–10 ti­mes lar­ger co­ve­ra­ge areas or 12.5–17.5 dB stron­ger sig­nal. For LTE, this means uni­form 64 QAM, MIMO 4/8, and 4–6 ti­mes mo­re ca­pa­ci­ty with 12–18 lo­bes per si­te. For green­field RANs, Super An­ten­na Sys­tems are offe­red with Super Effi­cient Tow­ers™ to de­li­ver 10–40 times lar­ger co­ve­ra­ge ar­eas, enabling 6–10 times more Erlang si­te ca­pa­ci­ty per ope­ra­tor than stan­dard an­tennas. Com­mer­ci­ally dep­loyed since 2010, Su­per An­tenna Sys­tems help mobile ope­ra­tors to be­come pro­fi­ta­ble in ru­ral and coun­try­side areas, inc­rease BTS ca­pa­ci­ty in ci­ti­es, pro­vide eco­no­mical 100% nationwide coverage, and future-proof eco­lo­gi­cal mul­ti-­ser­vice Super Site Hotels™.

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